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This webpage is dedicated to observing comets. Comets look a little bit like "dirty snowballs", many tiny particles hold together by ice. When the comet nears the sun the ice evaporises and the nucleas falls apart and this becomes the trail. The trail is lit by sunlight and what we observe is the scattered sunlight. Comets are strange phenomena, they often are very different in appearance. Hale Bopp is an axample of a "textbook" comet with it's nice curved trail. Holmes on the contrary is exceptional, I have never seen such a "fuzz ball" between the stars.

Holmes, De Bilt, 29 november 2007 McNaught, Westbroek, 11 january 2007 Hale Bopp, De Bilt, 7 april 1997 Hyakutake, Biddinghuizen, 27 march 1996
Holmes, november 2007 McNaught, january 2007 Hale Bopp, april 1997 Hyakutake, march 1996

Bright comets appear once in a couple of years, sometimes one has to wait for perhaps five years, but it is always worth the wait!

Comet LoveJoy plunges on 16 December 2011 into the sun (so it seemed) but miraculously survived! See this SOHO movie!

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