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Solar and Lunar Eclipses
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This webpage is dedicated to observing solar and lunar eclipses. As residents of planet Earth we are lucky sun and moon are seemingly of equal size. When the moon moves between the earth and the sun we have a change of observing a solar eclipse. If the moon however is a little bit smaller as the sun a small fraction of the sun remains visible, an annular solar eclipse! Considering eclipses of the moon things are easier. As observed from the moon the Earth is seemingly much larger as the sun. Eclipses of the moon will be more often as eclipses of the sun.

Total Solar Eclipse, 22 july 2009, Tongcheng, China Lunar eclipse, 4 march 2007, De Bilt Total Solar Eclipse, 29 march 2006, Side, Turkije Annular Solar Eclipse, 3 october 2005, Valencia, Spain
Tongcheng, 22 july 2009 De Bilt, 4 march 2007 Side, 29 march 2006 Valencia, 3 october 2005

The Anatolian Solar Eclipse 2006 to Side, Turkey together with our Romanian friends was one of my greatest expeditions ever!

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