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The four seasons in the Houdringe reserve, De Bilt
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This part of the website covers the four seasons in the Houdringereserve in De Bilt, on a walking distance from my house. Nature in foreign countries are often great, such as mountain areas not existing in the Netherlands. But very close to where I live nature can be really fine depending on the weather. Starting from the emerging new leaves in spring until the misty landscapes in autums. Not to mention the winterly stills during the winterseason.

Spring in the Houdringereserve, De Bilt Summer in the Houdringereserve, De Bilt Autumn in the Houdringereserve, De Bilt Winter in the Houdringereserve, De Bilt
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

After a very cold february emerging green leaves proof: Spring has returned into the Houdringe reserve!

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