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The last part of this four by four panel website we look somewhat further into the cosmos. First the moon and nearby planets such as Venus and, when the sky if transparant enough, our most inner planet Mercury. Occultations of planets and well known bright stars by the moon are worth observing. The same phenomena, but less frequent, are transits by inner planets Venus and Mercury over the suns surface. At last a view outside the Solar System: stars and constellations but still part of our own Milkyway.

Venus and Mercury, De Bilt, 8 april 2010 Moon, Venus and Jupiter, De Bilt, 2 december 2008 Venus transit, Sonnenborgh, Utrecht, 8 june 2004 Moon, Venus and Regulus transit, Enschede and Denekamp, 5 october 1980
Venus and Mercury Moon, Venus and Jupiter Venus transit Venus and Regulus transit

The SDA-2011 expedition to the Hakos Astrofarm in Namibia has left a lot of impressions not only of the southern nightsky but of the landscape as well.

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