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Noctilucent clouds (NLC)
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This webpage is dedicated to observing noctilucent clouds, NLC's. These silverly appearing cloudstructures remain at about 80 kilometers altitude in earth atmosphere. They can be observed only during the summerseason, that is in may, june and july when the sun at night is not far below the horizon. Because noctilucent clouds mostly are at high latitude they only are visible low in the northern skies. To be visible the sky should be very transparant, so the atmosphere has to be clear and dry with no cirrus clouds. Remind noctilucent clouds have a white or silverly wavelike appearance and so are distinguisable from cirrus clouds.

16 june 2009 - De Bilt, Houdringe 21 june 2006 - De Bilt 14/15 june 2005 - De Bilt 8 july 1997 - De Bilt
Houdringe, 16 june 2009 De Bilt, 21 june 2006 De Bilt, 14/15 june 2005 De Bilt, 8 july 1997

The summerseason is on its way so we have to be ready for some nice noctilucent clouds!

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