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This webpage is dedicated to observing artificial satellites. Most well known is the International Space Station, the ISS. When thinking of the ISS the Space Shuttles come into mind: Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour. There are lots and lots more satellites circling around our globe. Communication satellites such as the Iridiums are among them.

ISS + STS-133, 5 march 2011, De Bilt ISS + STS-119, 17 march 2009, De Bilt ISS, 10 februari 2008, KNMI, De Bilt Iridium, 25 may 2004, De Bilt
ISS + STS-133, march 2011 ISS + STS-119, march 2009 ISS, february 2008 Iridium, may 2004

Most interesting is the passage of the ISS and a Space Shuttle not yet docked so one can view them flying one after the other.

Even more spectacular is the decay of a fragment of a satellite or rocketbooster in earth atmosphere.
And still more when this fragment is part of the rocket such as the Soyuz which launched Dutch astronaut André Kuipers to the ISS.
Please read all information on the blog by well known Dutch satellite expert Marco Langbroek.
Answers to FAQ's compiled by Marco Langbroek.

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