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Severe Weather in the Netherlands
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This part of the website is dedicated to winter in the Netherlands. Winter is most of the time limited to november until march with most winterly conditions occuring in december, january and february. Winter can be frost, ice, ripe, snow or any combination of these. Because winter in the Netherlands is not common many people love it when temperatures drop below zero and a nice and strong high pressuresystem is over Scandinavia.

Stormchasing near Veenendaal, A-12 20 august 2009 Shelfcloud observed from Houdringe, De Bilt, 19 july 2008 Small Tornado near Kampen, observed from the Flevopolder, 12 august 2006 Shelfcloud at Beuningen (Twente), 17 july 2004
Stormchasing 2009 Shelfcloud 2008 Tornado 2006 Shelfcloud 2004

Severe weather in the Netherlands is typically for the summerseason when the weather can be hot and humid such as on 20 august 2009.

  • 20 august 2009: very interesting "severe" weather and a stormchase!
  • 23 january 2009: small low passing over the Netherlands
  • 19 july 2008: shelfcloud over De Bilt, a very nice shelf right over the Houdringebos!
  • 16 june 2007: dynamic and turbulent looking shelfcloud over De Bilt
  • 31 may 2007: thunderstorm with rainbow and sunset over De Bilt
  • 12 august 2006: small tornado observed from the Flevopolder in direction Kampen!
  • 17 july 2004: shelfcloud over Beuningen, the one and only "US-style" shelf over the Netherlands!

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