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This part of the website is dedicated to all kinds of lighteffects in the atmosphere, not including noctilucent clouds and aurora, they will be discusses seperately. Some examples of lighteffects are halo's, rainbows, lightning and glow by volcanic ash in the stratosphere. There are a lot more phenomena to be included here. Think for example on those nice red colored sunsets or the green flash just seconds before sunset!

Rainbow at sunset, Veenendaal, A12, 20 august 2009 Diamond dust at winterly conditions, De Bilt, 31 december 2008 Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland, 15, 17 and 22 april 2010 Sundog at the Gordon Bennett balloonfestival, Waasland, Belgium, 9 september 2006
Rainbow at sunset Diamond dust Glow by volcanic ash Sundog

Always observe the sky when you are outside, changes are you might see something special! And always have your camera at hand...

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