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La Palma and Tenerife, march 2010
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This webpage is on my visit to La Palma and Tenerife, two of the Canary Islands (Spain). The first days I spend on La Palma paying a visit to the Dutch Open Telescope (DOT) and I was able to attend an EURONEAR observing session at the Isaac Newton Telescope(INT). The second half of my stay was at Tenerife. Here tried to understand the power and magic of those big Atlantic ocean waves. At last we tried to climb the Pico del Teide, the big volcano on the island with an altitude of 3718 meter above sealevel but because lack of time we could not succeed.

La Palma 2010 - van dag tot dag
Astronomy on the Roque de los Muchachos at La Palma
Tenerife 2010 - van dag tot dag
Beach, waves, astronomy and the mountain at Tenerife

With thanks to:
  • Alex for the invitation to visit La Palma and Tenerife and attend an observing session on the INT and having nice and fruitfull days
  • Felix for housing down at his house and at the guesthouse up on the mountain and the site-seeing along the DOT and the SST
  • Ovidiu for housing, visiting WHT, the EURONEAR observing session with Alex and Daniel at the INT and interesting talks on future projects
  • Daniel for cosiness and talks on his study

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